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Village Salad     8
Sliced Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Dolmeh & Klamata
Olives in a Balsamic Olive Oil with a Dash of Oregano
Hummus Shirazi     10
A Bed of Hummus topped with Chopped Cucumber,Tomato
& Onions in a fresh Lemon with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chicken Cove Salad     14
Chicken breast grilled and tossed with mixed greens In a honey balsalmic dressing
Fresh Salmon Salad     14
Fresh Salmon grilled in a light garlic lemon marinade, served over mixed greens in a honey balsalmic dressing
Scampi Salad     16
Large gulf shrimp tossed in a mixed green salad in a honey balsalmic vinagrette


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