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Platter of Hummus, Eggplant Kashk, Bulgarian Feta, Mozzarella,Tapenade, Shirazi Salad, Oliveh & Dolmeh.
 Hummus     6
Baked Garbonzos Blended with Garlic, Fresh Lemon, Tahini, Vigin Olive Oil & Dill
Kashk ( Baked Eggplant)     7
Baked Eggplant blended with Roasted Garlic, Caremelized Onions and our very own Yogart
Feta Plate     6
Bulgarian Feta Served over fresh Basil & Tomato with a splash Balsalmic Olive Oil
Herb Yogart     4
Homemade yogart with chopped Cucumbers & Shallots
Cove Salad     5
Spring Mix tossed in a Balsalmic Vinagrette
Shirazi Salad     5
Diced Cucumber, Tomato & Onion with herbs in fresh lemon Vigin Olive Oil
Dolmeh     5
Hand Rolled Grape Leaves Stuffed with fresh herbs, Legumes and Basmati Rice
Tapenade  5
Crushed Assorted Olives & Herbs With Pomegranate Sauce.

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