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Stolicnaya shaken with dry Vermouth and served with stuffed feta olives
Sappire Martini
Bombay Sappire Gin shaken with vermouth and Queen Olives
Pomegranate Martini
Pomegranate & Absolut shaken with cherries
Apple Martini
Grey Goose Shaken with a Green Apple Infusion
Wild Cranberry infused with Ketel One
Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime
White Russian
Stoli, Kahlua, Cream on the Rocks
On The Rocks
Call Your Drinks
Red Wine

By Glass  7 & Up    By Bottle 26 & Up

Cabrenet Sauvignon : worlds most recognized red wine

Pinot Noir : Light to Medium body with aroma of black to red cherry

Shiraz : Bursting with blueberry flavor & hint of spice & toast oak

Merlot : Deep color & balance acidity, herbal or green black tea.

Malbec : Characterized by its deep color & intense fruity flavor

White Wine

By Glass  7 & Up    By Bottle 26 & Up

Chardonnay :  Crispy mineral with topical fruit flavor & a lot of oak.

Pinot Grigio:  Elegant, crisp & light, with delicate nuaces of fruit

Savignon Blanc :  Crispy, dry, refreshing flavor from aggressively grassy to sweetly tropical